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How to Start Pure Water Business in Nigeria – The Info Worth


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In this article, you will learn how to start a pure water factory in Nigeria also known as a pure water production business in Nigeria. I will also share some other information like whether the pure water business is profitable, the capital needed to start in Nigeria, the equipment also needed, and more.

So read this article to the end to get all the necessary details about the pure water business in Nigeria as a beginner. Pure water factory business in Nigeria is very profitable and this is because of the need it provides. Even when Nigerians can without food they cannot survive without water. Water is the basic unit of life.

Even though Nigeria does not lack water, at least the four sources in Nigeria which are lake, rain, well, and tap water, Nigeria lacks portable drinking water. And the production of pure water is the way Nigerians can drink safe water without contracting diseases and taking in unwanted chemicals and minerals.

Everybody needs water whether during the rainy season, dry season, or during hot or cold weather. There are other forms of water that are sold in Nigeria. For example, table, water, and dispenser water but pure water is the most affordable. This is why the demand for pure water by consumers keeps increasing every day.

Is Pure Water Business Profitable? 

Pure water business is profitable in Nigeria because of the incessant need for portable drinking water. In fact, in some areas where borehole water is bad, many individuals use pure water to cook. Everybody drinks pure water, those that do not still use it for other needs.

Another reason why the pure water business is lucrative in Nigeria is the massive poor population. Since it is mostly the poor that drink pure water and their population is very high, the demand for pure water is also on the high side. With a pure water factory business, you will always make money daily in millions because you are providing a solution to the water crisis in Nigeria.

Capital Needed for Pure Water Factory Business

The cost of starting a pure water factory business in Nigeria is increasing every day as time goes by and this is due to a consistent increase in the price of goods and services which is mostly caused by foreign exchange. More than 90% of the equipment and ingredients used in making pure water are imported into the country because they cannot be locally made. 

This is one reason why the table water production business and pure water factory business in Nigeria is a capital-intensive business. With a starting capital of #2,000,000 – #10,000,000 you can start a pure water factory business in Nigeria.

Equipment Needed to Start Pure Water Factory

Below are the equipment used in the pure water or table water business in Nigeria.

1. Surface pumping machine

2. PVC water tanks

3. Submersible pumping machine

4. PVC pipes and plumbing fittings

5. Reverse Osmosis Module

6. Micro-filter cartridges 

7. Industrial water filtration modules

8. Ozone generator 

9. Ultra-violet (UV) sterilizer

10. Ultra-violet (UV) lamps

11. Dosing pumps

12. Liquid chlorine 

13. Calcium hypochlorite powder

14. Hydrogen peroxide 

15. Isopropyl alcohol (IPA)

16. Green sand

17. Activated charcoal 

18. Alkali (NaOH, KOH)

19. Mineral acids (HCI, 

20. Diesel Generator

21. Distribution Van

This list does not only contain equipment but cleaning ingredients for your pure water production business in Nigeria.

How to Start Pure Water Business in Nigeria

Here are the steps needed to start a pure water production business in Nigeria.

1. Write a Business Plan

This is the first step to starting a pure water business in Nigeria. You need a pure water business plan to fully inform you about the business and the different ways you can make profits from the business. The business plan will guide you on how you can start your own pure water factory in Nigeria even as a beginner.

You will also know the risk in the pure water business, especially the problems facing the pure water business in Nigeria. There are many pure water business plans out there that you can buy if you cannot write one for yourself or you can hire us to write for you at a discounted price.

A pure water business plan is very important for your pure water factory business, especially because the business is a capital-intensive business. Read our article on how to write a business plan in Nigeria for a detailed guide on how to write business plans.

2. Register Business with CAC and NAFDAC

The registration of your pure water factory with regulatory authorities in Nigeria is very important because the goods you provide are foods. The government needs to know that you are running a proper business and that you know about quality hygiene.

As a pure water business, you need to first register your business as a company under the CAC (Corporate Affairs Commission). After doing this successfully and giving your certification you can now register your pure water company under NAFDAC.

To register your pure water business under NAFDAC there are a few steps you must follow first. You need to have a factory site, staff, and pure water-making equipment installed and you need to have all your needed ingredients, all this need to be on the ground.

So that NAFDAC will be able to test your pure water before giving you a NAFDAC registration for your pure water business. Read this guide on how to register your business name in Nigeria for more guidance on registering your business with CAC.

3. Choosing a Factory Site

Sachet water production cannot be done without a factory site. A factory site is a place where pure water or table water is produced in bulk. To choose a good factory site for your pure water business, here are a few things you need to consider. You need to make sure the house or warehouse you are using is yours.

If it is not yours and you are renting it, make sure the rent is not expensive. Also, make sure the house or warehouse is neat enough and it has the specifications of a pure water factory. If the warehouse or house does not have the specifications of a pure water factory you can do some renovations just to give it that look. 

4. Installation of the Water Equipment

The installation of water equipment for your sachet water business is very important. Remember the product you are selling is water. You need to install all water equipment properly. There are service companies that help to do this you can pay them for this service and continuous servicing of your pure water-making machines.

You need to also dig a borehole for your pure water business as this is where your water will be coming from, this needs to be done professionally so that water quality is good. Depending on the kind of land or area most pure water companies might dig the ground three different times or more to get portable water.

5. Employment of Staff or Workers

You need staff or laborers for your pure water business in Nigeria. These staff will make sure the day-to-day running of your pure water factory goes well.

The staff you will need for your pure water factory business are:

1. Manager

2. Chemist or pharmacist

3. Loaders

4. Gateman

5. Cashier

You can seek the services of an employment company to employ the staff or you can simply hire the staff yourself. This is up to you. How much you pay your staff also depends on many factors. It depends on the standard of living in your area, academic qualifications, experience, and more.

6. Production of Pure Water

Pure water production cannot begin until NAFDAC gives the go-ahead. This is the reason why you must start the processing of your registration on time. When you have been licensed you can now buy your pure water nylons, start printing, and start producing pure water or bottled water.

Depending on the availability of power you can produce your sachet water at night or in the mornings. Most sachet water companies like producing their pure water at night but this decision totally fall on you.

7. Distribution and Sales of Pure Water

One of the major problems facing the problem facing pure water business in Nigeria is the power (electricity) issue. Lack of power and constant increase in prices of diesel has been a major problem. This problem has increased the cost of pure water or bottled water rapidly. However, because of the need for portable water consumers still buy water because they need to survive.

To distribute your pure water and table water effectively you need a distribution van. This van will be used to deliver pure water to consumers and retailers. To promote your pure water business in Nigeria as someone new in the business you can give massive discounts to buyers and retailers to encourage patronage.


Despite the risk and problems in the pure water business in Nigeria, the business is still lucrative, especially in areas where the availability of pure water is very low. Although pure water business is capital-intensive you can still make profits within a year of starting the business.

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