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How to make money with Facebook fans page without spending a dime (full tutorial)

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How to make money with Facebook fans page without spending a dime (full tutorial) by Gentle2017(: 7:43 am On Oct 09, 2017


Let’s Start…
You read many e-books on making money, but NO E-BOOK gives you any guarantee that you will make money using its method. But, here is the MOST REALISTIC AND PRACTICAL tutorial, you have ever read, in your life. It is a blueprint of making ROCK SOLID INCOME consistently, WITHOUT missing even a single day! It is an exact form of a method, I use for getting 500 UNIQUE VISITORS DAILY to my website and making $500 PER DAY, $3500 PER WEEK or say $15000 PER MONTH. I have reached at this level of $500 EVERYDAY in 30 DAYS ONLY, starting from ZERO! But, if you want to make $500 today only, then this e-book is NOT for you, because my method will take few days. Everyone can make money from its website, if it gets traffic. If you already have a website, then to make money, you need a lot of traffic! So, first of all, let’s decide from where you can get the traffic. The best source of getting traffic are the Search Engines (SEs). But is it easy to see your website on the #1 page of Google ? I will like to do efforts for it, but it will take that much long time, that I may leave internet marketing, being disappointed.
Should you go for Google Adwords? Well! I am not lucky in using Google Adwords, as it took all cash from my pockets and I got no sales from it for 2 months continuously. Many people may have become successful with it, but, I was NOT. So, what is the solution? The next best place for getting traffic is Social Networking Websites .
I believe on Facebook for getting targeted traffic, as it is #1 Social Networking Website with 300 MILLION active users and every user has more than 100 friends at an average. So, don’t you think that this can be a major source of traffic among all social networking websites? The best source of traffic from Facebook are its fan pages.

A successful Fan Page can bring:
• Regular
• Targeted
• Highly interested
• Easily convertible
• Most suitable
…traffic to your website that WILL BUY your product! Here I am going to tell you, how to make an ULTIMATE FAN PAGE that add 200 more fans to it automatically everyday, and brings IMMENSE TRAFFIC TO YOUR WEBSITE & let you make $500 EVERYDAY. My fan page brings thousands of Targeted Visitors to my website every month and load my pockets with money WITHOUT ANY EXTRA EFFORTS

Now, you might be thinking that if I am boasting that much, then why I don’t share the url of my fan page? The reason is that I do not want to be on a risk of my fan page being reported by anyone. I know, that if only few people report a fan page then Facebook will remove it without even investigating. On the other hand, if you really want traffic to your website & make $500 EVERYDAY , then you should either trust me or you can close this tutorial and start reading another one that claims making $$$$$ per day or some impossible IDIOT FIGURES! Ok, Let’s start learning, making an ULTIMATE FAN PAGE that brings HUGE TRAFFIC on Facebook to your website and let you make $500 EVERYDAY!

First of all,
Create a new Facebook Account - as some risk of being banned is there so you should create a new Facebook Account and should NOT use the existing one. Enter as much information as you can. People do not like empty profiles. After you have created a new Facebook Account, it is the time to start adding friends to it. Remember, do NOT make a fan page until you have proper number of friends. You can add maximum of 5000 friends to your Facebook a/c. First of all, your motive should be to exploit this opportunity. Remember, this is the most important task. All of your website traffic, income, success etc. depends upon it. Generally, adding 5000 friends may take your whole life, but you will see, how you can add 5000 friends only , using my technique. to your Facebook account in 7 days

I am going to tell you a formula THAT IS UNBEATABLE! About 400-600 people will be joining you daily, WITHOUT FAILURE! The best feature for us on the Facebook is that, you can upload a contact file containing names and email IDs of your friends, you want to add on Facebook. People in your contact file may or may not be on Facebook. If they are already on Facebook then they can add you when they see your friend request, otherwise an email will be sent by Facebook and they can make an account on Facebook and can join you. We will exploit this facility, up to its maximum extent. I am going to describe each and everything about this method, so slowly, that you will love it .
I will show you how SIMPLE it is to get 5000 friends in 7 Days Only page that brings ultimate traffic and make a fan to your website. Keep reading patiently…

Now, let’s move to the topic back. Our contact file must have email IDs of our contacts in it, so that Facebook can search those people already on Facebook and can give you an option to add them, or can send invites at those email IDs. So, we need a huge email list now. What will you do in this case, either you purchase email lists or you build an opt-in list yourself. But, it will take months to get a large email list and the worst thing is that if you are going to buy an email list then you will have to pay high sum for it. Further, there is no guarantee that it will work or not. Now, if I suggest you to buy an email list paying $500 to a webmaster then you will surely like to kick me hard. The only alternative that is available at this time is an email extractor.
***** STOP! Don’t think that I am going to sell you an email extractor… LOL… This is not a crapy online tutorial that contains affiliate links from Clickbank or Commission Junction websites to make sales. I am making enough income monthly from my own ways, so, few cents from affiliate commission will not change my life.
Have you ever used an email extractor? An email extractor harvests email IDs from the internet and gives you an email list containing those collected IDs. But, Is it advisable to use email IDs harvested by an email extractor to invite people? There are many disadvantages of using an email extractor. First of all, email extractor extracts same email IDs from the internet, every time you use it. Second thing is that there are email IDs of companies, and other business houses that are of NO use to you. Simply you are NOT willing to send an invitation to a mobile phone selling company at its email ID to join you on Facebook… LOL. How silly, it will be!
The final alternative is an email IDs/list generator. Email IDs/list generators are very different from email extractors, as they generate supposed email IDs using common names of the people. These email IDs belong to general public and not to the companies, firms or business houses. These kinds of generators are the recent blessing to the internet marketers. There are a lot of email list generators available on the internet that can generate thousands of email IDs in a short time. The best thing is that you can use different combinations of the names, different settings, different domain selection etc. to produce THOUSANDS OF UNIQUE EMAIL IDS everyday. I found few of email list generators on the internet which are listed below:
• E mailsmartz email generator
• Fast Email IDs generator
• Acute Email IDs Production Engine
• SharkGen E-mail Generator

You can select any of the above softwares. But I recommend Acute Email IDs Production Engine available in the list above. (Most of you will think, I am pushing this software to you… LOL) There are so many reasons behind it. First, I found it the cheapest one in price, but still very effective and good in quality and second, it’s very quick to install & easy to use, and their support is also very good. Although, it cost me few $$ but, it has already paid 100 times of its cost back to me in shape of sales of my product. It all depends upon you which software to choose. But, if you test other softwares too then please send me a review of them, so that I can also test them too.

Use your email IDs/list generator, there must be an option to save/export email IDs in a text file in the software you use, otherwise, we can’t fulfill our purpose. Ok, This is the most simple but important task. Produce near about 1000 email IDs, and save/export them in a text file, it will take only 5 minutes of yours.
Now, open MS_Excel (any version) and make two headings in a new file. First column with heading ‘Names’ and second column with heading ‘Email ID’

Copy all email IDs from the text file (use ctrl+A to select all) and paste them under heading ‘Email ID’ in excel. You can leave the Column ‘Name’ as blank.

Save this file choosing Save as type as ‘CSV (Comma Delimited)’
Congratulations! You have successfully made a contact file. Was it difficult? I guess NOT.

You can upload it on Facebook, directly. Your 60% work is complete now. If you have successfully saved a contact file in the format I mentioned, that means you are VERY CLOSE to $500 EVERYDAY. You can create as many contact files as you want by producing different email IDs and pasting in excel files. You may find this process a little boring, but remember your goal. $500 EVERYDAY IS NOT A SMALL AMOUNT!
Keep yourself motivated! Just imagine about the things you have only desired of, but could not get them. Now, it is the time to buy those things.

Now! I am going to tell you how to upload contact file in Facebook in order to add hundreds of friends daily.
Login to your Facebook Account click on home then click on ‘Friends’ and choose ‘Find friends’ Option and Now, click on the option ‘upload contact file’, browse and select your excel file (your contact file) (.CSV) you saved earlier.
It may take few seconds to upload, depending upon the number of contacts you have. Your each excel file must have at least 3500-4000 email IDs, because you can only use 3-4 excel files at a time and you will be restricted to upload more files for few hours. After few hours, you can upload more files, again. So try to put more and more email IDs in a file. As soon as the file is uploaded, Facebook will show you the people already on Facebook registered with email IDs, in the contact file, you uploaded.

This is the best advantage of using email IDs generators that more than 40% of email IDs actually exist. Means, if you have generated 4000 email IDs then 1600 will be working ones and this is a fantastic figure. If you use software diligently and use most common people names, most common domains and most common settings then the success rate is 70% or more.

NOTE: Sometimes, you may get an error message, which says to upload contact file later, then just wait for 1-2 hours and try again.
RAPID PROCESS of adding friends has begin my friend! when I uploaded a contact file of 4000 email IDs. Out of 4000, 204 contacts were already on Facebook, this is a tremendous figure, means you can add 204 friends INSTANTLY! Using more contact files will allow you to add more friends. Now, Click on ‘Select All Friends’ and then on ‘Add as friends’ and PRESTO!
Your invitation will be sent INSTANTLY TO ALL FRIENDS!
After sending friend requests to Facebook users, next window will now show the contacts that are NOT on Facebook. Again click on ‘Select All’ and then click on ‘Invite to Join’ to send invitation to those people who are not on Facebook.
Note - if you have generated ONLY 4000 email IDs then either they will be already on Facebook or not. In both the cases, invitation will be sent to them. You will get greater response from those who are already on Facebook. Follow this practice, ONLY TWO TIMES a day uploading 3-4 contact files at a time, containing a good number of email IDs. Your software will take only 2 minutes to generate email IDs. Yes! I know, it is a little boring process, but No pains, No gains, My Friend! Your chances of being successful are very high… because… A lot of lazy people are there who will NOT take action on this report, so this thing is beneficial for you. Because when less people will act on this report, your chances to grab this opportunity are more. So DON’T GIVE UP!!
I am going to tell you about creating a Fan Page that brings INSANE TRAFFIC to my website, in the next few pages. So, keep on reading…
You know, Facebook activities GO VIRAL! When you will start adding some friends, their friends will also send you the friend requests. Your work is just to accept the invitations
I was having more than 95 friends after an hour of sending invitations, on the VERY FIRST DAY! I know, this figure is unbelievable! BUT, IT IS REAL! After 5 hours, I was having near about 200 friends. I uploaded only 5-6 contact files and got that amount of friends.
Make sure that your email IDs generator/software should be a quick one so that you need not to waste time in making new contact files.
The 2ND Day. I uploaded 3 more contact files At an average, creation of contact file, uploading etc. was taking only 5 minutes of mine. Means, I was spending only one hour daily for this work.
On late evening, I checked my profile and I had more than 600 friends. I was keeping screenshot everyday, because, I am an active member at Digital point forum , too. I was sharing my progress in this thread . But, the thread was deleted by moderators, because, It got some sort of racial discussion by the DigitalPoint (DP) members.
Now, I was getting 100-150 requests per day and I was making numerous friend everyday.

I was accepting near about 150-200 Friend requests daily and sending near about 800-900 friend requests. Now, you will say that Facebook does not allow you to send 20 or more friend requests, manually. But, when you upload a contact file, this limit does not work

The 7th Day I reached at 5000 Friends level !
I was just one friend short of the limit!... (i.e 4999 ) LOL Once you reach at this stage, your 80% work is complete. Now, you have seen, how easy it is to reach 5000 friends level. BUT, I WILL NOT BE ON THE REST, UNTIL I ACHIEVE MY TARGET. Once you have reached 5000 friends level, now, it is a PERFECT TIME to create your fan page .
This fan page will bring HUNDREDS OF VISITORS TO YOUR WEBSITE EVERYDAY! Not only this, as the number of fans will increase, more fans 200 NEW will keep on adding at a rapid speed. According to my experience daily users will become fan of your fan page and will be visiting to your website.
# How to create a fan page that spreads on Facebook like a forest fire!
First of all, think, which product/service/CPA offer/Affiliate program or anything you want to promote? I have not joined any CPA offer yet in my life. I am having a website, where I sell weight lose product . My purpose is to sell an e-book that contains a course that will help to lose weight and you will look slim and fit. So, my purpose is to gain attention of the people who want to be slim or want to be fit. So I will name my fan page as: ‘Fitness House’, ‘Get-Set-Slim-Go’, ‘I want to be slim’, ‘weight lose mantra’ or ‘Crazy for fitness’ etc. Remember, that your fan page will appear in search engines too, so make sure you use your keywords in the name of your fan page.

Visit here for complete post

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