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And I Wept...

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And I Wept... by toyboyz(m) : 6:45 pm On Sep 27, 2013

Entangled in a relationship with a girl at home and another girl in school and yet has to cope with school activities...
A very captivating story,filled with suspence,romance and action
You have to read it...

Re: And I Wept... by toyboyz(m) : 6:46 pm On Sep 27, 2013

''Where am I?'',I asked myself. I was wondering where I was when I woke up from my sleep. I rose up from the bed and I saw that I was not in my room. This baffled me,I kept asking myself where I was. I felt a sharp pain in my left abdomen and an headache. I hit my head in order to remember what happened the night before and it came gradually,I started remembering what happened the previous night.
It was the fresher's night,I could remember,I and a couple of my friends including my roommate Kolade went to the night. When we got there,people were already on the dance floor,we were too shy to go to the dance floor,so we just sat on a chair far away from others.
Later on,Yomi one of my close friend stood up and urged us to get ourselves some beers and we all agreed. We started drinking and when we satisfied ourselves with the drinks,we went to the dance floor.
. There,I started feeling dizzy due to the effect of the alcohol I took but yet I still managed to control myself. Then I saw something that struck my eyes,something that I had never or ever imagined that I would see.

Re: And I Wept... by toyboyz(m) : 8:11 am On Sep 28, 2013

I couldn't take my eyes away from her. I started thinking, ''Haa,Oh my God!,This is what I call beauty,her beauty cannot be compared,her dark long hair is like those beautiful woven looms used in the olden days,her dimples are so deep you could put a kobo into it,she really is an epitome of beauty.
She was sitting on a chair alone,I moved towards her and sat beside her,she looked at me and I smiled at her,but she looked as if she was not interested in talking with me.
''Why ain't you on the dance floor'',I asked.
''I don't dance'',she replied arrogantly.
I was so suprised with her arrogancy and even more suprised with her beauty when she talks.
''You don't dance?,don't you have a boyfriend?,I asked.
She gave me a quizzical look and replied, ''I have but he is in 300level''.
''So why is he not here with you?''.
''He is not the party type'',She said more relaxed.
''Wow,anyway do you mind if I buy you a drink''.
''Okay,no problem'',She replied politely.
I moved to the lady selling drinks and ordered for two bottles of fanta. I collected the drinks after paying and returned to the table and I found her looking bored.
''I'm sorry for delaying'',I said as I sat down''.
''I thought you were never coming back''.
''No,there was so many people trying to buy drinks,so it wasn't easy getting the attention of the lady.
I opened the drinks and we drank in silence.I occasionally took glances at her and I imagined if she would ever be my girl.
''What level and department are you?I asked trying to break the silence that has ruled over us for the past 10mins.
''I'm a fresher and I'm a physics student'',She said without looking at me.
''That is nice,I'm also a fresher,I'm in CPS(Crop Production Science)''.
''Really?,you don't look like a fresher''.
I didn't pick up the humour in her sentence and I replied her,''I'm serious,I'm not lieing''.
''I believe you'',She said and we both laughed.
Once again,we stared into space and silence came over.I saw Kolade dancing with a girl on the dance floor and I felt like dancing.
''Do you mind if I take you to the dance floor?''I asked.
''I told you earlier that I don't dance''.
''I can teach you how to dance,it is nothing spectacular and I promise it would be fun''I said.
I quickly took her hands and pulled her up before she could reply. I led her to the dance floor and we started dancing. We danced until I started feeling dizzy,I remembered that I was acting funny,I started hearing strange voices and......

Re: And I Wept... by toyboyz(m) : 1:29 pm On Sep 29, 2013

Suddenly,there was an intrude on the door which brought me out of my reverie. I looked up and saw that the intruder was the same girl I danced with the previous night. Fear gripped me and I was suprised to see her. She stared at me as if it was her first time seeing me.
''Would you stop staring at me and take a shower,you look horrible'',she said.
''How did I get here?'',I asked.
''I guess you drank too much yesterday,she began,and when I saw you were in a bad shape,I had to carry you to my room''.
I was too embarassed to speak,I tried to speak,but the words hanged in my mouth.
''I should excuse you,so you can take a shower,I have washed your clothes,it should be dry by now,when you are ready to leave you can drop the key under the footmat'',she said as she closed the door.
I stood up and went into the shower,got myself dressed and moved out.
I started pondering on what happened during the past 24hours; how would a girl help a male stranger like me? I was however pleased that I knew her hostel but was a bit disappointed that she had not been demonstrative in her behaviour towards me,she sounded too casual,I was even more disappointed that she might think I'm the alcoholic type. But honestly I was happy because of what the drink did to me,it gave me the courage to knock off the initial shyness I always have when trying to speak to unknown girls.
I walked to my hostel and found out that Kolade,my roommate wasn't at home,so I just lied down and I started reading an old magazine.

Re: And I Wept... by toyboyz(m) : 9:13 am On Sep 30, 2013

It had been 2 months since that incident. After that incident I and Tolu,the girl that I met that day had been best of pals,we started calling each other frequently and we talked most of the time.
I found her intelligent,generally broad-minded and gentlewomanly. I could not remember any occasion where She had embarassed me in the company of her friends. I bought her books to read,I frequently brought her little inexpensive gifts-earrings,rings and scarves although there was nothing between us than normal friendship.
She was sensational in everyway and I was fond of her. She was so level-headed and cool,a very kind and considerate girl. She put others first and would go out of her way to please people,even those who were total strangers to her. I was amazed at the ease with which She could talk with people She had never met before. I wondered what her minuses were,for nobody was perfect;and I also wondered where our relationship would take us. I was even more suprised when I discovered that we had so many things in common-a love for music esp. blues,poems,romantic and western films,books and long walks and I discovered that what I had for her was

Re: And I Wept... by toyboyz(m) : 12:54 am On Oct 16, 2013

"Why don't you ask her out", Kolade said".
"I don't know what she might say,you know she has a boyfriend", I replied.
"You just have to try your luck,who knows she might agree",Na Naija you dey oh.
I had been trying to get my mind clear ever since that night that I met Tolu,I started feeling lovesick because I was not sure if Tolu was lovelorn with me. When I got tired of hiding between the 'lamp' ,I determined to express my feelings.
If I'm honest,I mean real honest,it took me a while to hook Tolu. She was so hot,so I had to get myself in a competition that was so had to get past.. I tried talking to her in private but she stuck to her decision that doesn't want to cheat on her boyfriend.
But everything swung my way at her best friend's birthday. One of her best friend,Chidinma threw us a party for her birthday anniversary. It was at her hostel.
During the night party, Tolu sat on a bench with her friends; "Whats up Tolu,how are you?", I asked,walking to them with my "big boy" walk.
One of her friends,Chidinma looked at me as if I was invisible.
"Hey Joy,Chidinma,hope you gals are feeling good?
"Sure,said Joy as she stood up; Let me go get you some cakes".
"Hey wait for me,Chidinma shouted and followed suit leaving me staring at Tolu's legs.
Oh!,I forgot to tell you about Chidinma and Joy.
Both were Tolu's best friends,they did almost everything together. I didn't really know much about them,but all I can say is that Chidinma liked sweet things,sweet words and probably anything that starts with "sweet",but Joy on the other hand was a more reserved girl,but She was more beautiful than Joy. *winks*
When I was sure they had gone, I sat down on a chair beside Tolu.
"Enjoying the party?"
"Yeah",She said with a smile on her face which revealed her beautiful deep dimples".
"But you ain't on the dance floor,"I said knowing fully well how she hated dancing?
She looked at me with a kind of funny face I couldn't explain.
Nobody to dance with,my boyfriend isn't the party-type.
What did you say? I was forced to ask her,although I heard what she said,I couldn't believe she wanted to dance willingly.
"I said I don't have anyone to dance with,my "bf" isn't around.
"Wow,,I stammered,I'm in,I'll dance with you,"I almost shouted.
I took her hand and led her to the front of the hostel where the booze was really getting hard.
We danced a bit and sat down to talk.
We talked about school, She told me liked her department.We talked about almost everything that we could "talk" about.
After a while,I said; I think we should go out to talk more because the beat is distracting me.
She smiled; OK,Tunde.
I pulled her up and we started strolling. When we got to a big mango tree,we sat down.
"So,hope your boyfriend won't hit me hard for bringing you here,"I teased her.
She looked up at me and smiled! Oh no,he wouldn't.
I knew she was happy from the way she was behaving,she was happier than usual,I couldn't pick up the reason.
"So,what do you wanna say?,She asked.
The question took me unawares,I managed to pull myself together.
"Tolu,I began; I have always tried to suppress this feelin inside me,but...
"Oh no,Tunde,don't start again,I told you I have a 'bf'.
I wasn't interested in arguing but I was determined to fight to the last breath that night.
''I know,Tolu,I understand but...
But before I couldn't complete the statement,I felt a wet but warm lips on my mouth.....

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