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life under the table

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life under the table by Divepen1(: 12:30 pm On Feb 07, 2016

Chapter 1
The sound of a car driving into the compound made her sit straight. Suddenly her skirt looked rough. She straightened it. A quaint smile infested her face. She brushed her hair.
An elegant woman entered into the room. She was fat. But her dress fitted her and it portrayed riches. It was a blue flowery dry Ankara, sewn into a long gown. Her jewelleries, shoes, and handbag were of cold colour.
The woman and her secretary exchange pleasantries. The fondness between them was glaring. Now, that this woman is around maybe other workers would come in because she had not seen since she entered the house.
‘Please, bring me my schedule for today', the woman said as she turned to leave the room. 'I hope that Mrs. Chukwudi will not come today'.
The secretary looked at a book and smiled, ‘No, ma. Your appointment with her is tomorrow'.
'Oh better!' The woman said, relieved.
She loved the grace with which the woman carried herself. She looked at the door again and looked at her time. It was 9:10. No one had entered the office. No one except the cleaner.
'Yes?' the woman asked, turning, making her spin in the air like a model. Her full hair swirled.
'The lady over there said she just got a job here and has been waiting for you to arrive'.
The woman turned towards her with a flushed appearance. She swallowed hard as she watched a big smile consume the woman’s face.
‘Who can it be than the most wanted Lady in the world of ladies?'
This surprised both her and the secretary. The air became colder.
'Peace Madojutimi'.
Peace and the secretary looked at themselves in surprise.

Re: life under the table by Divepen1(: 12:33 pm On Feb 07, 2016

dedicated to Remenzack and joanee20

Chapter 2
The same silence that ate her up when the woman called her name lingered around her as she entered the woman’s office. Her heart lurched. The rug amplified the beauty that the pink paint of the room portrayed. The room smelt like wafers biscuit. The air was also cold here but she felt better than when she was in the reception.

'Please, have your seat', the woman said, 'Welcome to our company'.
'Thank you, ma'.
'Peace Madojutimi...’ the woman said again as she brought some files from her drawer. Her table was neat that one would find a lost office pin on it even at night.
'My name is Adebimpe Arogundade, and as you might have guessed I am the Managing Director of this company. You will be meeting the Chairman of these company tomorrow'.
'That's good, ma'
'Have you being briefed about your salary?’
'No, ma'.
'Well it is natural; I never really expected them to tell you.' She said as she rocked in her chair. Peace wondered how she was able to squeeze her fat body into that thin chair. 'How much did you tell them, you would love to collect?'

'Ma, I told them that since I am a computer scientist, and would be working as an administrator for your anonymous site online. I will receive nothing less than 40 thousand.' She tilted her head to the right-hand side.
'Well, you've said well', the woman said.

Peace smiled broadly. The artificial rose flower on the table danced. If a drummer was there she would have danced better than the roses.She just couldn’t continue living her old life style. After making the resolution lastweek Monday, she had been coping with living penniless. Despite, her friends incessant advise that she reconsidered her belief.

'But this is the way it will go. For every person that register on the site, you get a thousand naira'.
One of Peace's ears moved. She tapped fingers lightly on her legs.
'Then, for each person that decide to come for business, or anyone that request for the companies email address. You get #5,000'.
'Hmmm', Peace moaned silently in surprise. She swayed. The only word on her mind were 'Yes? More?’
'What of the site itself, how much do I get for that? I mean for building it', Peace said.
'Three hundred thousand naira'.
‘ Three…’ Peace said, her voice raising. She calmed. She didn’t know how the word got out of her mouth because she had been trying not to talk. A warm glow expanded throughout her body.
'So, what is the name and what and what do you want on it?'
'You will call the site ' Best Life Trade', Bimpe pushed some document towards Peace who eyed it suspiciously, 'that is what we would like to have on the site'.
Peace picked one the documents and read it mindlessly. She wondered why they would pay such amount of money. But no matter what they needed it for. She was getting a good pay and that she loved.
Bimpe stood from her seat gallantly and went to a cabinet, where she drew out a new backpack.
Bimpe brought the bag to her seat, sat, and opened the bag graciously as if she was a man who wanted to give his girlfriend a proposal ring.
From it, she withdrew a modem.
'This is multi-sim modem, which I believe you know how to use', she said.
Peace nodded.
Again, Bimpe brought out a Hp laptop. Peace held her breathe. Then she ‘yimu’. It couldn’t be hers.
'This is for you', Bimpe said. Peace felt her heart flipped.
'Are you serious?’
'Whoa', Peace exclaimed. She allowed her hand play on the Laptop. Her body tingled. She loved that feeling. ‘This is real tear nylon'’
Bimpe laughed excitedly, Peace also joining her. Then, Bimpe brought out a key from the bag.

'This', Bimpe said, pulling out one of the keys, 'is the key to your office'.
Peace eyes glowed with pride. She swallowed hard as she imagined how she would describe this to Patricia, her friend, who pushed her to get the Job.
‘And this is the key to your new house, a bungalow, not very far from here'.
Peace felt heat rush into her mouth, a sudden feeling of breathlessness overcame her. She had to bend down suddenly to stop it.
Bimpe rushed to her side.
'Hope you are alright?' She said bewilderedly, patting her at the back.
Peace was crying, she couldn’t describe the joy in her heart.
'Why are you crying?'
'Don't mind me’, she said, embarrassed as she tried using her hands to clean her eyes, 'It was out of happiness'.
Bimpe left her side, returned to her seat, cut some tissue paper, and gave Peace.
'I'm sorry, ma'.
Bimpe gave an elderly-understanding nod. ‘I understand the feeling'.
'Thank you ma.'
'Erm. That is not all. We are also giving you the Toyota Camry parked outside; since, you said you have a driving license'.
Peace widened her eyes. Her brow drew together, and a line formed between the eyebrows.
'Yes but...Erm...Erm...I don’t understand, is it not only to answer questions, and to market the company online?'
'It is more than that. Read the documents in front of you'.
'You can take today off, to see and to read what is front of you but you must be sure to know it is confidential, also make sure you read it before tomorrow because there are something’s you need to know before 1.00am tomorrow'.
Peace opened her mouth several times, but nothing came out.
'Okay ma, but every company’s work is confidential'.
‘You’re right but this is more confidential'

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